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Two Geeks Talking is an Entertainment interview show with over 1,000+ interviews in Comics, TV/Film, Music & Video Game industries. We bring fellow Geeks, Nerds and Creative people to the show in a one-on-one (or more) style interview similar to Inside the Actors Studio. If you are looking for inspiration, motivation, and advice during your daily commute, drawing, or ”me” time then each episode brings you the successes, failures, and Eureka! moments from top names in their industries. Everyone has a Story to Tell, it’s up to me to help bring that out on Two Geeks Talking.

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4 days ago

Chase Bishop, the creative mind behind the intriguing series "In The Paths of Yesterday." This gripping comic explores the complexities of senior year, where choices shape our futures and farewells intertwine with mysteries. Follow the thrilling journey of Iris Salazar and her best friend, Amadeus 'Deus' Carter, as they unravel a web of lies, corruption, and a shocking death, ultimately leading them to an even deeper, hidden truth.

Saturday Nov 18, 2023

Lucas Turnbloom returns to Two Geeks Talking. He is known as the creator of How To Cat, Steve L. McEvil, and co-writer / artist of Dream Jumper with Greg Grunberg and creator of Imagine This!. We talk about the status of Dream Jumper Book 3; Bringing Steve L. McEvil to the young adult audiences and libraries everywhere; The craziest things that cats do with How To Cat, underrated Star Wars characters and so much more!

Friday Nov 10, 2023

Jake Cohen returns with a captivating guest - none other than the artistic genius behind Astounding Tales, Ray Griffith on this electrifying episode of Two Geeks Talking! Dive into an enthralling discussion covering the evolution of the story, the mesmerizing artwork, personal journeys, and an exclusive sneak peek into the much-anticipated Kickstarter launch. And that's not all – brace yourselves for a galaxy of opinions on the Star Wars saga, from its thrilling sequels to its iconic prequels!

Friday Nov 03, 2023

Ryan Claytor is back on Two Geeks Talking this time with a book called: One Bite At A Time. It is so large that it spans Ryan's twenty years of graphic design, neon sign design, coin op carnival games design, and comics from Elephant Eater to A Hunter's Tale and more! We talk about his career from being a university professor at Michigan State University to lessons learned in graphic design and more!

Friday Oct 27, 2023

Anthony Stokes returns to Two Geeks Talking to discuss his latest comic series Intrusive Thoughts Issue 2. We talk about being a creative person dealing with anxiety and depression. How self help and a good support system can improve these Intrusive Thoughts. Upcoming projects and of course the ongoing Kickstarter campaign for Intrusive Thoughts Issue 2.

Friday Oct 20, 2023

Jermaine M. Boyd, the comic writer and creator of the sci-fi horror comic series "Amelia Sky," discusses how his love for horror and inspiration from series like "The Walking Dead," "Night of the Living Dead," and "Batman" influenced his work. He also delves into the impact of art, particularly Van Gogh's use of color theory and lighting, on his creative process. In addition, he provides insights into the Kickstarter campaign for issue 4 and his creative collaborations with the amazing comic artist Martina Niosi. SHOW NOTES: Support the comic series here: #podcast #comics #thewalkingdead

Friday Oct 13, 2023

Joel Rodriguez, the CEO of Ringo-Award-Nominated Metal Ninja Studios, shares insights into the company's origins, its commitment to quality and knowledge sharing, and the Kickstarter campaign for "The Dusk Country Chronicles: Nightfall" comic series. He discusses influential graphic designers in his journey as a letterer and business owner, emphasizing the importance of branding and the value of not gatekeeping knowledge, especially in the comics industry.

Friday Oct 06, 2023

Corissa Grant is back talking about her Worthy Chaos comics series Redemption issue 7. When last she was on the show we talked about Issues 1 - 4. Corissa opens up about writing the series with Dyslexia, writing over 150 issues of the series, wanting to buy the rights to Supernatural and crossover her series! How she runs multiple kickstarter campaigns a year. What is the release schedule and the collected hard cover editions and more!

Friday Sep 29, 2023

Wells Thompson and Rachel Distler are back on Two Geeks Talking to discuss their newest sapphic comic: The Catskin and the Rose. Taking inspiration from Zelda, Soul Calibur and pushing their creative boundaries in both writing and art; plus the final week of their Kickstarter campaign and fan questions from social media touched on: Is Crowdfunding for Comics too Crowded? and more!
Wells Thompson Website:
Rachel Distler Website:

Friday Sep 22, 2023

Scout Comics has another great duo of comic creators with former slam poetry writer turned comic writer Tom Pescatore and illustrator Luciano "Locomotion Jones" Cruzado. Love far reaching conspiracy theories set in a cyberpunk dystopian world where a genetically made worker turned private eye and a house cat possessed by a demon are caught up in a race against time and sanity universal conspiracy? We do as well!
SHOW NOTES:Support the comic on Scout Comics here:


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