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Two Geeks Talking is an Entertainment interview show with over 1,000+ interviews in Comics, TV/Film, Music & Video Game industries. We bring fellow Geeks, Nerds and Creative people to the show in a one-on-one (or more) style interview similar to Inside the Actors Studio. If you are looking for inspiration, motivation, and advice during your daily commute, drawing, or ”me” time then each episode brings you the successes, failures, and Eureka! moments from top names in their industries. Everyone has a Story to Tell, it’s up to me to help bring that out on Two Geeks Talking.

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7 days ago

Jonathan Bogner's remarkable journey as a Hollywood Producer and heart attack and aphasia survivor, defies all the odds. Continuing to produce reality TV shows and personal stories despite facing multiple health challenges. With over 40 years of industry experience, he's not only a creative producer but also an entrepreneur, investor, and distributor, bringing extensive expertise to everything from start-ups, to marketing, and distribution. Explore his unparalleled career in reality television, feature films, made-for-TV movies, and documentaries on Two Geeks Talking.

Monday May 13, 2024

Meet Izolda Trakhtenberg: a multifaceted individual with a rich background, from working at NASA to authoring six insightful books on Meditation, Communication, and Fantasy. Tune in to her inspiring podcast, The Creative Solutions Podcast, featured in the upcoming issue of How To Podcast for Dummies. With a passion for lifelong learning, Izolda embraces new skills every year, from piano and painting to singing and beyond. In our conversation, we explore her love for Star Wars, Buffy, and Jericho, along with her remarkable journey from surviving adversity in childhood to triumphing over communication barriers. This interview promises a thought-provoking exploration of resilience and inspiration.

Monday May 06, 2024

Dive into the realm of fantasy comics with Creator/Writer J.L. Collins, Editor/Letterer Leland Bjerg, and Artist J. Schiek, the brilliant minds behind "Thistle Issue One." Discover the creative process driving Thistle's quest for revenge against the Necromancer, explore the emotional depth of a hero confronting loss and resilience, and witness the collaborative magic that brings this captivating fantasy world to life. Tune in for an enlightening conversation with the masterminds behind one of the year's most gripping comics!

Monday Apr 29, 2024

Ryan Burger has had many careers in life: Professional DJ, to currently a Teacher in Iowa. His love of Video Games, going to arcades with friends has never left him. Over the past five years, he has created the best retro video game magazine called: Old School Gamer! From interviews with legends in the gaming industry to highlighting the retro decades from the 70s to 2000s, we talk about everything from best and worst games to favourite moments and interviews. Plus, tips, secrets and how to make a magazine from scratch and what is exciting about the next generation of video game players!
#podcast #videogames #retro

Monday Apr 22, 2024

Dan Silveira wears multiple hats as a Google UX Designer and Professor in Toronto, Canada, but by night, he transforms into a comic creator and writer. Delving into themes of loss and grief, his latest comic series, "A Shift Through Time," embarks on a fast-paced time-travel adventure. This captivating narrative skillfully blends humor and heart, delving into the depths of love and sacrifice.

Monday Apr 15, 2024

Jared Prestwidge and his incredlble comic series Howie The Hellhound is one of them. But, in order to get the rest of the issues of the comic series, you have to get the digital versions only. We talk about the pitch that landed Jared first comic series to be published by Scout Comics and that process. Working with a talented Editor to finding his team around the world and planning out his comic series to wrap up but still leave room for possible future issues. From the lovable Howie The Hellhound to his owner Louise, they found each other at the right time.

Monday Apr 08, 2024

Jacques Nyemb, a graphic designer by profession, has embarked on a journey as a comic creator and publisher, establishing Not So Super Publishing. Drawing inspiration from his African roots and his upbringing in North Carolina, storytelling runs deep in Jacques's veins. Now, with a desire to provide a platform for talented artists and to create inclusive and imaginative stories, Jacques aims to inspire others through his writing, all while ensuring fair compensation for the artists involved. Based in North Carolina, Jacques and his family enjoy spending time in local parks, gardening, and indulging in cartoons.

Saturday Mar 30, 2024

Yujiro Seki is a Director, Producer and Editor. He has created the incredible award-winning documentary: "Carvine The Divine: Buddist Sculptors of Japan" This film, along with a YouTube Channel and Facebook Groups are teaching and preserving the 1400-year old tradition of Busshi, Buddhist Sculptors. It also shows a complete understanding of Buddhism from the viewpoints of Scholars, Buddhist Priests, Sculptors and Artisans and more. In an age of technology, the art of sculpting from images to clay to wood and presenting it to buddhist temples, to clients and collectors from all over the world showcases the need for a physical connection to art.

Saturday Mar 23, 2024

Soizick Jaffre's 'A Good Sport' takes readers on a journey from France to America, exploring her love of athletics and the 2018 Gay Games. The memoir connects personal struggles for equal rights with the Games' history, using vibrant illustrations to highlight their role as a global gathering for queer athletes. The 150-page paperback, introduced by Justin Hall and featuring a foreword by Pascale Reinteau, aims to inspire, inform, and delight a diverse audience. In our interview with Soizick and Tara, we discuss the book's focus on changing norms for women in sports and why publishing 'A Good Sport' is important for readers of all ages.

Saturday Mar 16, 2024

Acclaimed writer Michael Katz, creator of beloved titles like "Riot Earp" and "Metal Head," unveils his newest spine-chilling adventure, "Horror Show." Joined by DC Comics legendary artist Darryl Banks, the duo share insights into their collaborative process, the addition of talented letterer Keith Champagne, and beautiful colours by Julio Santos. They discuss their first encounters with Ron Marz and offer a glimpse into a fresh, immersive approach to horror storytelling that promises to leave audiences on the edge of their seats wanting another issue.


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